Januari 31, 2009

malam minggu

heiii it's been a long dayy!
a week full of emotions anger and cries..what a day hehe..
well, my new post is about my best pals

ahaha tinggal aja nih Nia marah2 fotonya ada disitu haha ! iseng banget ya guee hehe

and a reason to tell to or not to tell to haha lagi aneh bahasa gue, it's been a crazy day for me thanks to you..

abis nutup telpon yang disalah tujukan harusnya bukan untuk gue haha, di itunes langsung muncul lagu everyday I love you deh, hehehe jauh banget sih..and you the reason i smile :)

well..it's just been a crazy week for me i keep saying that..
I do love my friends BR Nia Dyan all of my friends.who really really do love me..
I won't be like me without my palss...hehehe

gotta go, press my first list received number,hmm why you are so far away?

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