Mei 21, 2009

what's mature means to me and him

Well,hallloooo hehehe it's 10am in the morning and I'm going to my lovely school bcause tmorrow there will be proker in my school.since,I am very happy and very blessed by my arioseno he did it again a surprise he said that wednesday he'll came but he came tuesday and he had cheated on me and cooperated with my mom ohh my.and yesterday in 10 pm a student who still wearing her uniform,went with her boy and his mom,and his sister memalukan gueee pake baju srgam udah macett bgt ya bgtu jdnya sebelumnya kerumah eyang titinya juga dan diriku dblg sm eyangkungnya yg umurnya udah 80 taun lbh CaCu you know what calon cucu lovely to be more mature and to have another lovely family and my arioseno with me.and tomorrow he is going to have his 25th birthday..

Nissa :)

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