Juni 29, 2009

1st week of HOLIDAY !

sudah lama tidak menulis ya daku hehehe. apakabar kamu kamu teman teman?yang lagi liburan , liburan kemanakah?
Minggu pertama liburan
gue melakukan apa minggu pertama ?
here it goes :
wed-thurs : went to Putri Duyung with IPS 2 ! :)
friday,26 june 09 : bought a lot of DVD(s) ! there are : HSM 3 ( When i watched that film i fell asleep -_- ) , Australia, Curious of Benjamin Button, LOST SEASON 4 , marley & me, s;umdog millionare, angels and demons . I thought it's enough for holiday :D

sat, 27 june 09 : closing of Astro Labs

sun, 28 june 09: went to GI with my beloved familyto watch TRANSFORMERRRR 2
(+) more cool robots dude!
(-) it's kinda bored and fatique means pusing bcs it's spent 140 min ..
but u have to watch that cool movie! in blitz of course don't ever try to watch in other cinema because the queue wooohoo banget!
after that i bought this mag and novel but i want the english one for the novel but it's sold out

and when we went home, we talked about holiday anyer and lembang and tangkuban perahu is quite good for our family :)

mon,29 june 09

I DID CLEANED UP MY ROOM !!! hihihi I do more love you my room.

tapi ketika bersih2 menemukan ini pin SBY-JK btw it's already 5 years ago..-_-
and those, it's a newspaper from year 91 : I haven't born ...silly things :D

oh ya and this will company me for holiday

but for those me and my boy, just the picture who will company me :( miss yaa


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