Juni 13, 2009

Saturday fellas..

it's been a long time i haven't been touching my pc..and now i get back !
yuhuuu and the exam is done! so far, i don't have any subject to remedial alhamdulillah but the negative one is my score is just flat 70 until 80 and so on..but it's okay alhamdulillah :))

So, what do you guys doing today?
me first :D
well, in the morning i got up and then i watched LOST again! OH Men! i am addicted to
it's about the story that one day there were people who got into the same plane and then the plane crashed! and so they got lost and got in the island, for so long until now it's already 5 season!
what is interesting is just they are many characters and their background the past of their life is just interesting to watch it and also it's a curious thing because there are some group too name "the others" who already lived in that island..you have to try to watch I though i'm a bit too late hehe but i don't care either it's just wohooo seruu! and i can't stop to watch it, i bought int 2 days ago but it's almost the end of season 2..so i gotta text bacan to lent me the season 3 wiiii :))

In a week i didn't have a workout , so today this noon i will go have a Hip Hop class in Celebrity Fitness yeaay that must be really interesting!

Oh and i really want to watch star trek and angels and demons how poor i am haven't watched that film yet..

oh ya and yesterday i had a verrryy good day with my ips 2 huhu, we're gonna be apart..
we had a karaoke session for 2 hours, dance singing together that's a lot of fun!
one day there will be that time again pals! :D

xoxo, ap

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