Maret 21, 2010

hello sunday!

Sunday,hallo! what a great weekend today! okay I know that I've been cheated with from you my dear blog :p but I'm back to you let see what I've got here in a few months..

I am in my 12th grades that's mean in a few months I will be graduate..
but tomorrow I am going to have a final exam!! wish me luck

but the good thing is I already got accepted in UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA !! one of the greatest university in Indonesia I got in within took any test :)) alhamdulillah thanks God..

and for those achievement I did I got these from my parents!!! :)


It also means I will going to leave my friends , :'(

my best mates, vania almira

photoshoot for year book

classmates, oh my I will miss that batik uniform

please pray for me to do the best tmorrow!!
see yaaa

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