April 04, 2013


As if cloud has it sound, it's must be really great suddenly hear this one,  https://soundcloud.com/anissa-pramudita/put-your-records-on-cover. Hi, how are you doing ? I am not currently in the mood today. Today is 4th of April. Do you have friends? Of course you have. Have you ever think, your friend beside you, is a friend who is taken for granted. Not a loyal friend ? It's feel sad suddenly, I feel I don't have any loyal friend. 100% not taken for granted. It's a natural habit, to taken for granted, but somehow, have you ever think you've given 80% and you get 0 % ? .
Oh dear, I have friends who will never taken for granted me. Both are my parents and my boyfriend. They will be my everlasting not taken for granted friend. Anyway, I don't care. I think I look pathetic right now. Well, it's life isn't it?

Life is never be a fair one.
I am into this song now, Fool of Love by Lee Hi.
it said. I am a fool, I can't fall in love if it's not love



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