Maret 24, 2009


well, have you ever feel if you can not do that thing and you just give up?
have you ever feel have friends that will cover you from anything?
have you ever feel that you are in a big confuse in mind and people do not want to know?
and they do not want to help you but make you falling more deep?
have you ever have a man that can support you and never let him go whatever it is?
have you ever tired of doing something?
have you ever thanked to God that we have anything more than everything?
feel it and it can not be shared as an apple shared for two..

when you have your fav candy if you already have a ton of chocolate
and if you have a hand to hold will you let it go
no, keep a sweet thing is not easy as it told

however i thanked to God to let me hold my friends hand and never let them go.
and of course my only friend my best time my best partner are my family and my boy.

well, sometimes you are begging or even try hard to have another
but in the mean time you already have one that you are not looking and surely that one will back you up in any time..

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