November 29, 2009


hei, these 2 last months have been really a great months for me

first, I had my 17th birthday with my beloved person

I miss him a lot
it's been a month I haven't met him,we are closed to our first year anniversary but he won't be here in our ann. But he will be here in new year..

Have I told you he gave me flowers with 8 roses, 4 pink roses and 4 red roses for our 8 months anniversary which is he wasn't here he is on his kost in Balikpapan..
but I got this wonderful present

2nd , i celebrate it with my friends and family @home

left-right : tasya, me, vd,nayla,sasha,sandy,laras
I really l
ove my best mates..

and at inul vizta !!! craziest friend i had :D

left-right : devita, ami, grace, me

3rd, been busy with university, homeworks, stuff I must be crazy if I doesnt have those people in my life..

4th, this long weekend I am using for doing homeworks and inten TO it's getting taft to run these 3rd grade but i never give up until I am doing my best ..and I hang out with my uncle his name is Piet Hein van de pool from Holland..

5th, and my brand new glasses! How it looks guys?

6th, when I upload my friends photos in Labschool and I type last minute Labschool I think I'm not ready to leave my wonderful days in Labschool which is colourful and also gloomy..

gonna continue my homeworks and those other crazy stuffs,catch you latter ZZAP!
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