November 25, 2009

rainy months

Hai, I'm updating with my Blackberry because my speedy connection so lame. It's been a loong time I haven't update my blog.
I want to tell you something :
a. I'm on my pms so I become like a cookie monster which will eat a lot
b. Yesterday I ate many "tempe" with sambal and eat "lidi" snacks until I had my face my lips my cheek burned and when I arrived at home I cooked instant noodle with onion and red chili and pepper and egg. geez
c. 3rd grade are the craziest year dude, try out everywhere,stress out everywhere, bimbel anytime,that's why I used to be a sleepy person.
d. When I used to be a sleepy person, my driver get fired and I have to go with jemputan bcs my mom still didn't give me a permission to drive my own car. So I'm waiting to be pick up in 5am,hell that's the risk if you living in the city.
e. I'm into the crazy thing, online shop.
f. It's just one thing, I'm not that easy to give up to run this 3rd grade. :)

Ohya, next post I want to show you some of my expertise in cooking indonesian food,which my classmates always like it ;) , with some recipes and some photos maybe :D
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