Juli 19, 2010


well, hello blogging world..

one word for Labschool .. AWESOME!

hhe, is that word give you the best?yes it is. ask anyone that have been studying in there..


A lot things happened there, for me.

start from : a random decision to go to Labschool. get in there MOS. Social class.OSIS Bhargava Rakawicesa. beloved friends. gossiping and be gossiped ;) . got accepted and not accepted. HIGHSCHOOL , either way I am just glazing and be grateful in my highschool time in that school. boys watch BBF. sekelas nonton film trus pa arief rahman masuk. se angkatan ngecengin adek kelas :p . CABUT ke sekos tidur gajelas main. LABSCHOOL RUMAH PERTAMA. I can't have that time in another school maybe. and finally got accepted in my dream university without taking any test , alhamdulillah and get my dream laptop macbook whiches if I didn't get in Labschool I won't get it...I always keep thinking what If I didn't go to Labschool all of my dream maybe not be trough. all over it, I get my best thing Arioseno Raldiutomo :*) . With all good, bad , wonderful things I will always be grateful for all of it.. because it takes time to get mature..

All of us.
time flies fast. It depend us, want to enjoy it or not..

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