Desember 06, 2010


hey, it's always been a while hehe. I am very busy with my college thing. but I still love, this thing about writing.

Well,life must go on right? :-) And, I am glad I can met new person everyday, kind person bad person mean person lovable person it's basically what is life. Conduct this bigger thing, college means maturity, management time and ur emotional time. seriously, college is not that simple. Okay, you've got your dream college. But, inside it there are many lies ahead. If i could turn back time, I am begging to have a high school time again,but It couldn't isn't? Being 18th in my last birthday, 20th of Oct and I kinda sad didn't have a time with my arioseno but it's okay anyway. I've got, time , healty, family, friends around me. And below this story, I inserted some of my food pictures, there are some of them not uploaded yet. .

moral of my story : *enjoy every second you have. feel it, relax to it. enjoy it. because every second, have their own meaning. * do good thing you love, like me singing and eating. and stop thinking about it, just sing and eat :D

see you,
anissa pramudita

above : from culinary festival in my college UI Balairung, chef there are so great! It made from chicken, but I can't enjoy it :(

that one, one of my favorite dessert restaurant it's known as Praline, Cipete and Kemang Jakarta Selatan. But know they got to changed their name, I don't know the reason. But they still have the best crepes. Geez, love that banana "kukus"

and this one, Maja House a uniqe architecture resto in Bandung, Jalan sersan bajuri. Their smoothies good, and they have italian, indonesian food like sop buntut. very yummy and not so bad in the price.

and this one from KAMPUS, menara imperium or menara ? I forgot. in 36th floor. and the resto is rotating,and it's kinda cool watching night of jakarta. and their food, very yumm.

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