Desember 19, 2010


what ur doing guys this sunday?

gloomy, is the word describe the best of me.
I can't get a ticket to watch AFF tournament to support my country, Indonesia. And I am very sorry to my brother..
Unfortunately, I am going to face the final exam. Which is my accounting still a long way to go.


While I am angry with those bad management in GBK, Seno is not support me at all. He just continue to say, that is that are and lalala which make me became more angry.

This is Indonesia, who doesn't know Indonesia? with the big and beautiful island country but the citizens are desperately need Food to eat. How screw is my country?
While it is screw. I am just another stupid girl who still sitting in this country. While living in this country is a big contradiction.

Anyway, I got myself a maroon 5 ticket ! Which is my favorite band !!!

And I'm playing machinarium, this game is freakin insane. With the crosswords lalala is all about adventure but teka teki game ..

*Inglish means Indonesia English. I'm so desperate right now.. sigh

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