Juli 05, 2011

updated #1

whoo! haven't updated my blog since a long time. Many things changed, something is increasing eg.my GPA :) yippie! my dancing skill

Lenggang Nyai - Betawi dance, Indonesia

I got featured on http://sittakarina.posterous.com/beautiful-darkness. She told me that was awesome, my photograph.. I love reading her books, she has talent for sure!

Got some gigs again with my new band, from my university we played parkdrive-biarkan &
ne yo-so sick with some arrangements were made into jazz some into pop..

And went holiday!! to new place I haven't been there !!!
c u in my next post ...

clue for my next post I visit this country/places : People who lived there speaking chinese
and the second one : one of 5 biggest island in Indonesia!!

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