Juli 05, 2011

updated #2


yippie got a change to visit this country again. Small country but the people don't have small minds, they got something. Check in at a guest house on Jalan Kayu Putih behind the mount elizabeth hospital,usually used for patients that are currently doing some treatment. Charge for one night around 110-120SIN$ 4 person room. Visited the merlion and the esplenade
both of them free of charge, except in esplanade you want to see a show. Going there just take MRT. It's a rainy day in singapore, while tomorrow I had a headache, vomiting, nauseous. I HATE IT, i CAN'T GO ANYWHERE... :(

Just skip to the day that I feel better..

Got there by tiger airways, a low cost airlines. And then went to my guest house, at kowloon by bus A21 you can see the price in the picture
while going to my guest house goldencrownhk.com and we took the 2nd floor bus, it's a double Decker bus.Hongkong surely beautiful..
but when you went to kowloon, all u can see is just NY nya Asia...f*cking busy..
UH OH SHOPPING ALERT! H&M no store in Indonesia I bought a pants, HK$299 and a shirt HK$100. While I can't watch avenue of stars, victorian peak, bcs I got sick again sigh :"(

The next day I got better, HK Disneyland kyaaa!!!

Hollywod hotel around 100HK$ for one night and Disneyland around 430 HK$ for one day.

Went there by ferry, you can see the price..if you choose to go with first ferry it's okay, they have many ferries to take to go to Macao. One word for Macao La Vegas Asia
Kyaa got a chance to spend 2 nights at Venetian Macao Resort!! price for one nights around 100MOP$ I love my parents!! :*. Oya one tip for you guys who want to go to there, the currency is the same you can pay with HK$ or MOP$ in both country, so you better just buy the HK$.
And I got better with my body,while we were going back to HK.

oo don't forget this one, riding gondola very very beautiful.. with Piangi the gondola driver sang to us.. it's very romantic and fun! because the Piangi was very fun!
there he is! :)

And the least I can't do it because of my body :( I kinda do not use to eat their food in HK, so I got vomit and others. But I got something more beautiful in my next trip, see u in my next post ... :D

Photos :
in Macao Venetian boat 

Hong Kong 

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