Juli 07, 2011

Makassar-Toraja-Bira trip

haiii this one is going to be my favorite holiday all the time :-) really tired but awesome. Have this 6 days in Sulawesi island, exactly in Sulawesi Selatan. I went with my boyfriend,his friends and his brother 6 person. Me and my bof and 2 friends met up in Makassar, bcs they came from Balikpapan, kalimantan

Day 1
Went to airport by bus, from Bekasi terminal kayuringin. Damri known as an airport bus, it is directly to the airport, without stopping like a public bus in Indonesia.
Rp 30.000 one way. Arrive in Soe-Hat airport, and thankfully my dad drove the airplane hehe here's the picture

Got there, the Sultan Hasanuddin airport , Makassar is a brand new! The architecture nearly same with HK hehe, and took the taxi they divide into 3 zones, We went to zone A it's rp 87.000. We went to the city, near the losari beach. We check in at wisma jampea, they have a clean room very cheap but with hot water, air conditioned here's the room

rp 160.000 each night

took the photo @ LOSARI beach we can't dive there,it's just an icon in Makassar.

my dad paid us for our dinner @ Lae lae a famous seafood restaurant in Makassar, it's really cheap the taste is good, for each fish around rp 30.000-45000. Don't complain with the service and the room, very crowded like eating in the market.

Day 2

first we went to fort rotterdam, a Gowa's fort but the Dutch had taken it from indonesian, so some of the architecture were like dutch. its free, but you have to pay around rp 50.000 to the tour guide, and when you went to the museum you have to pay, it's rp 3000 each pax.

there he is my , Arioseno :)
p.s I'm not editing any of these photos in my page,taken by DSC W320 Sony

It's really scary, have the history to look up. How Indonesian people really protect the country. The fort were made in the shape of the turtle, if you look up from the sky.

next we went to have a brunch @ coto makassar

Our next plan is we went to tana toraja, a famous kabupaten in south sulawesi. They also known as to=people raja=king so toraja=people who have the blood from the king. it's 8 hours travel by car from Makassar,we hire the car and also the driver thankfully the driver is a really really good man, he's still young known places in there, and he drove very good his name was Jaya,you can ask me his number hehe.one thing, don't you dare if don't have a what is it in english , a medicine when you travelled, we called it like antimo,tolak angin because the road had many turn and many of them turn into 180 degrees, you like riding a roller coaster! but it is repeating for almost 3 hours.
Mr. Jaya give us a rest at Gunung Nona, it is know as gunning Nona because it's like miss V of a woman. but it's really really beautiful you can see the hill from it.

We arrive at toraja, near 7pm we were searching the hotel. We got torsina hotel, much bigger than in wisma jampea rp 300.000 for single bed rp 420.000 for triple bed. We stay there for 2 nights.

the fog! we don't have it in Jakarta

Day 3

We visit LONDA, it is a graveyard but at the cliff, you must be amaze see that thing. People of toraja, is a common thing to bury their dead bodies in the cave, in the cliff. The tour guide there, said more the economic level of the family more higher they can be buried. Before they can be buried, they have to held a ceremony which is need at least one buffalo, and the buffalo price the cheapest one is almost 2.000.000 rp, or near 2000 US$ !! Indonesia surely multicultural..
This bones are real, their family gave them some kind of formalin(now, hundred years ago they give "balsem") so it can stand up for hundred years later.. And I don't know why I smile? It's creepy..

they still believe, that dead people still smoke, eat and drinks so sometimes they give them some cokes, or even smoke like the picture ..

that one at the top one of the cliff, is the highest economic they were very rich at the time they alive.. Then I ask how can they put them at up there? They use bamboo and they climb up to put them there . . r u serious ? ..

sadly, I can't watch their ceremony at the time. We arrive late, yesterday they were just held a ceremony..hiks

after that we went to Kete' Kesu.. It is a traditional house of Toraja people called tongkonan..a long time ago they build two houses, one for putting their rice and the other one for they live in.

I love the colour of the sky. When they have the buffalo after the ceremony, they killed them and put the horn in front of the house. This house were made 350 years ago, this house were the oldest one. You can see the house is the oldest one is not from the buffalo's horn, but from the tongkonan or the foundation behind the horn. You can see they have tongkonan, are 5 tongkonan.. it is old.

Next one we went up again to Batutumonga , it's a beautiful scenery..we had lunch there at the mentirotiku restaurant

Day 4

KYAA We went back to Makassar and we played in the Bantimurung Waterfall, exactly in Maros Before that we have a lunch at Horse restaurant hihiihi..

it is horse's rib..23.000 rp each plate

We played at the waterfall, body rafting.. ahh my friend who has the SLR camera haven't uploaded the photos.Bantimurung also known as the butterflies, sadly the government not taking care of the site, they have trashes everywhere :(

And after that we went back to Makassar and stay one night at Jampea.

Day 5

This day and day 6 will be my favorite! I LOVE SEA BEACHES!!!

We arrive at Tanjung Bira, located in Bulukumba 6 hours driving by car, actually we can make it in 4 hours but the road a little bit bumpy. tjg bira is a heaven... with the white sands,sparkling,soft,beautiful coral. Oh God..

We stay at Patma Bira hotel for one night, it's the cheapest hotel in tanjung bira I guess rp 450.000 one night.

Day 6
Last day in Tanjung Bira, we woke up early and went snorkle!!! to the sea, the fisherman knows the spot so we trust him.

their common job is a fisherman, so they will return in the morning to sell the fish.. Lekker

You can see the fish and the coral like in the Nemo !!! kyaa I'm catching the fish!! we snorkle about 1,5 hours..and then the fisherman said he have to drive someone in Pulau Liukang Loe, just accros the Tanjung Bira..so we went there. It's beautiful also, the sand not as soft as in Bira but they don't have many visitors, so it's quite we can play like whatever we want!!

Suddenly, the fisherman called us it's time to go.. I don't wanna leave hiks.
The cloud is dark, and suddenly when we on the ship we were strike by water and rain!! it's storm..it's really and adventure for me! hehehe

day 7
went home

In the night, went back to Makassar stay another night at Wisma Jampe and searching for some souvenir for my family at home :'')

Budget :
Semi backpacker ; all in Rupiah ; for one person

Transportation :
  • damri bus home-airport-home 60.000
  • airport taxi 18.000
  • car rental 5 days 370.000
  • pete pete , becak 9000

Accommodation :
wisma jampea 3 nights (jln jampea no 2) 160.000
torsina hotel 2 nights, rantepao phone no 0423 21293 260.000
patma hotel 1 nights, bulukumba phone 0413 272025 200.000

Bfast, lunch and dinner :
coto nusantara Jl.Nusantara no 23 17.000
horse rib 26.000
dangke, gunung nona , enrekang
Bambupuang villa restaurant JL.Poros enrekang
phone 0420 2177 (they also have beautiful and cheap room to say around 400.000 one night, 6 person can fit in) 33.000
mentirotiku 50.000
pop mie, snacks and others food 100.000

Attractions :
museum fort rotterdam 3000
kete kesu, londa, baby grave 15.000
bantimurung waterfall 10.000
snorkle set(fin, googles, life jacket),ship, extra charge for the fisherman 3 hours playing 75000

additional : tour guide tip 10.000

Total : Rp 1.416.000
exclude : souvenir, airplane tickets


what you guys thinking? Is it good? :)
do comment me! sorry for the bad grammar :p

Thanks to : my boyf Arioseno, his brother Ariodito, my new wonderful friends Astria, Mahfud, Dini you are all wonderful!

See u! (details photos at facebook.com/anissa.pramudita


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peeeeee seru bgt! gw abis dr jogja jg jalan2 sendiri backpacking gt :D tp sangat ingin ke indonesia timur! ajak2 pe klo mo backpack lg ;D

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saaa iya nihh kmren juga dadak2an tdnya gue ga mau pergi eh akhirnya memutuskan pergi,okeee next time ajak2 :p next destination apa ya sa?gue pgn lombok :D

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peee, infonya bagus bangeeet! mau aaah kalo liburan kesanaaa pake info2 darilo. thx yoo!

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