Mei 20, 2012

West Java Trip

Hello, I'm going to update my trip :D
I am going with my brother, closest friends, my boyfriend with his brother also, 6 pax.
We went by car, Avanza. My advice is use Kijang Innova , If you want to go low budget travel and around 6 pax.

Day 1

Starting point : Bekasi
Bekasi- Garut 4 Jam
Accomodation : One of our friend’s house.
Day 2

Main di Sawah, Rice field
Had breakfast with Cireng, Ketan, Lepeum(sejenis lontong) , cabe Sunda enak bangget hehe, kerupuk, sayur asem .
Took off at 10 am. Went to the Leather Shop, in Garut Kota. Too expensive for me, bcs I don’t like leather garment but very nice quality. Bought some dodol Garut, traditional food from Garut. Took off at 11 am from shops. Went to Pangandaran Beach, took about 6 hours. The road, kinda heavy with many turns. In the middle of it, we were having lunch there SEAFOOD everywhere!

Got off Pangandaran! Yeayness after a long trip.  But we were dissapoitnment L the Cagar Alam were closed.
Notes : opening hours : 7.00- 17.00
So, we were checked in at our hotel, Sindang Sari . Not very good, but really good for us, affordable , (price in the end of this page).
Notes: If you’re planning to go in the long weekend, or any holiday season booked first. My recommendation : Hotel aquarium.
Pantai Pangandaran, too hectic to enjoy. Too many sellers in the streets, and too many people.
Then we have dinner in , Tempat Pelelangan Ikan, fresh seafood again yummy!
After that, got of to took bicycle and ATV.
Got sleep

leather shops! 

 In front of our guest house, Sindang Sari
 Inside it 
3 beds, 1 bathroom 

Day 3
First morning, 5.30 we woke up, and got off in 6.00 to Green Canyon around 1 hour from Pangandaran, 20 km. The road kinda broken, not very good. Green Canyon, opening hours 07.00-16.00 but sometimes when number of the queuing too long, the crew cutting of the queuing. Yeay we got number 38. And we got off at around 7.20.  Very very good Green Canyon J The boat took us, and after that we went swimming like hell very gooddddd
Notes: took first morning, like we did. The water still very good, and yet you can still enjoy swimming around Green Canyon,without  too much People.
We finished around 9am, and the we want to do the body rafting but unfortunately we don’t know that it needed to be booked before.
Notes: booked the date first!
Price per pax around 150 thousands rupiahs

So we went to the next destination, Batu Karas Beach.
Very good, not too many people like Pangandaran. We were having body board, some of us were doing surfed! Superrb

After that, we went to back to Jakarta by Pangandaran again, and finally visited the Cagar Alam, very nice, open space , forest.
We met monkeys, lutung, deers, biawak many more. 

 Batu Karas Beach

 Pantai Pasir Putih , Cagar Alam
 Inside the cave 

Dinner at Pelelangan Ikan , Pangandaran

 Lunch at Ciamis 

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