November 22, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Heard that Genting Highland is kinda cool, and there are many shopping stores that aren't exist in Indonesia , so we decided to visit Malaysia. 
Well, I will share some story, photos and also the budget. I went there with my family, my dad take his day of and flew with us. I travelled in November 2012, the weather's not really nice, cloudy and raining a lot. 

Arrived at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) 
Took a taxi to our hotel,our hotel located at Bukit Bintang ( 74.30 RM)
Well I gotta say, we aren't having much trouble communicate with the driver, thanks God, because they also speak Bahasa , and it's mostly the same like Bahasa Indonesia. 
We arrive safely in our hotel, the name is Courtyard Hotel, it's recommended by Trip Advisor in the 2nd rank of boutique hotel in Malaysia. 

The hotel is very nice, clean and really really love the interior. You have to workhard a little bit to find the hotel, because the hotel is very small in the small alley in Tengkat Tong Shin street. We spend 3 nights there, each night around 161RM + 60 RM for extra bed. Room is pretty small but cozy, you can see it in  . We went to Bukit Bintang mall, is just by walking around 5 minutes, very near, there is some shops in Bukit Bintang: BB plaza, Sungei Weng, Pavilion, Lot 10. The nature of a woman, is to shop :D so I do shop there! 

H & M located in Lot 10, they have 4th floor! 
Have dinner in Jalan Alor, is a well known food street, they have many choices to eat, not very delicious. Jalan Alor also near from Bukit Bintang, by walking only 3 minutes. 

Day 2 
Having breakfast in a restaurant near my hotel, the name is SK Corner, the owner is an Indian. 
Seriously, they cooked good food, and drinks , with cheap prices.
I had this delicious teh tarik , only for 1.40 RM . 
Teh tarik is a tea mixed with milk, but cooked in their way with some acrobatic things. 

Went to Genting by taxi, arrived in Awana Sky Cable car, but they got closed, and also the new one still in service damn , before you visit Genting surely checked if the skycable work or not, if not just take the taxi. 
We don't have anything to transport to Genting, suddenly a driver came up and ask us to come with him to Genting, but a little bit expensive. 
Genting well a highland, beautiful but nothings defeat Toraja , see my another post. Indonesia surely the best for this kinda scenery. 

visit the Putrajaya. 

Beryl's chocolate, you may visit this factory in Cyberpark or near it, it closed in 4pm, the sell cheap and delicious chocolate. 

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