Januari 25, 2013

Best Website for Travel Addict

Dear All, I am an Indonesia..
Indeed I am a travel addict, I always run to this website rather than fashion website.. :D
My dad is a pilot also, so I get many knowledge from him.. I am a person, who choose to go on travel with any airlines..not a picky one..
In this post I will post code name for flight , such as Maldive (MLE) Taipe (TPE) and so on..

Here you go.. :)

Best Promo Price for Domestic and International Airlines (origin Indonesia )

1. Air Asia (AA) Indonesia
I would say AA have the best promo in Indonesia.. they usually offer promo for next year travel period..such as 0 Rp for travel period next year in 2014..
They have domestic flight such as Surabaya (SUB) , SUB have the famous mount Bromo, Ranu Kumbolo, and Malang..
They also have destionation to SRG(Semarang) , DPS (Denpasar Bali) , JOG(Jogjakarta) and UPG(Ujung Pandang or Makassar)
I've been to four destination of them, I love them all..but my best vacation goes to Makassar, see my post before :) MKS-Toraja Bira Trip 
For international flight also, AA have the best flight, I bought a tix to ICN(Seoul, Incheon) for only 2.200.000 Rp for round trip, it same as 210 US$. They also have destination to Beijing, Kuala Lumpur etc.

2. Mandala Air under Tiger Airways
Mandala went bankrupt in 2011, but Tiger bought them, so it goes under Tiger Airways a Singapore Airlines Company..
Now they offer many promo flight, the destination also much the same like AA but they have PDG(Padang) and MES(Medan)
International flight, they have BKK(Bangkok) , SIN(Singapore) and etc.

3. Lion Air
This once my fluently flight goes to.. my dad work here..
Lion Air is an airlines that will goes very cheap for flight when it come to D-1 or D-12 hrs before departure.. different with AA, they goes very high when it come near to departure time. Lion Air have to most planes in Indonesia nowadays, compete with Garuda Indonesia..
Until now 80th planes have been delivered to Indonesia by my dad
Lion Air also have many destination in Indonesia, as SOC(Solo) they've got around 5 flight or more per day CGK-SOC.. so it's not a confusion to fly in what time a day..
For International, they've KUL, SIN, TPE..

The other airlines in Indonesia, for me not consider as the best promo and best airlines to flight.. such as Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, Batavia..
For international I also recommend this web :

BEST Hotel Search Engine

1. Hostel Bookers
I would rather say, Hostel not hotel..kekeke
My preference when I travel is to stay in a Hostel, Guest house, Boutique Hotel..
Hostel bookers got the best hostel to choose..for traveling to Europe or Asia.. it's the best search engine..

2. Agoda
Agoda is the best web to visit if you would like to stay in Hotel, or high class hotel.. somehow they give extra cost with you, for each payment..

BEST Flight Search Engine

There are many flight seacrh engine nowadays, they are just my favorite..

1. Skyscanner

2. Kayak

TIPS for Hunting promo ticket or Hostel/Hotel

1. Sign Up for newsletter, for airlines destination.. emirates, china air, srilankan air.. somehow they've got pretty much promo.. 

2. First search it in Tripadvisor.com . While you go there see my account kekeke :p name Anissa P, email: nssaphe@yahoo.com .
Once you've read the ratings, and comments, you can decide this place is to go or not, they have many attraction or not.. for hostel they have got clean room , cheap price, nice location or not..

3. Googling the destination, or search in flight search engine, this destination can be done by what airlines.. for example, you go to kayak, and want to search CGK-MEL , than kayak shown Air Asia.. if the price is reasonable, or not you can just go directly to the website , somehow the price will be cheaper! Trust me.. 

4. For Hostel, search in hostelbookers/agoda/Trip Advisor, then do the same as flight , go directly to the website of the hostel/hotel, they must be cheaper..

5. Promo ticket usually selling only a few seat, somehow from 1-5 tix..

6. Don't do much complain! 
"why is this airlines said they sells 0 Rp, the actual is 300.000Rp " 
There are few reason for that : 
a. The promo price is SOLD! because they put in on sales in 24.00 but you see the promo in 7.00 , of course they got sold out. once the promo news came out I got my alarm and reminder 15 min before the opening time, to refresh the page every 5 min.. 
b. 0 Rp is actually the flight price, somehow you still have to buy baggage, pay tax,and  gasoline fee..

7. Don't think to much times, buy it! over the weekend is the best option to travel, for near places, example only takes 1 hour flight..if u think to much, somebody will buy the tix.. I guarantee.. 

8. Recheck the flight date, name and biodata.. don't be mistaken.. 

9. If you want to press the budget for luggage fee, you can share with your friend, or trick it with getting your bag into your friends bag.. haha somehow it can make your bag damage, but that's the art..

10. Last but not least enjoy your flight, enjoy your stay, took nice photos and never leave trash ;) 

Have a nice holiday  ! 
xoxo, AP

email : nssaphe@yahoo.com
Instagram : anissapramudita
Twitter : anissapramudita 

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